Parent Forum Meeting – 23rd May 2017

In attendance Mrs Glinska, Mrs Arthur- Aponsah, Mrs Jatto, Mrs Collins and Mrs Sexton

After a general thank you for coming, the responses from the recent parent survey were discussed.  All agreed that it was a good idea to complete the survey electronically using the I pads during parent evening and were happy enough to do this again.

Areas of concern were brought up beginning with homework. There was quite a bit of dialogue on this. It was agreed that maths, reading and spelling were very important. Some children liked doing lots of homework and some did not especially if it involved lots of research on the internet. Parents needed to see that the homework had been marked by the teacher or at least acknowledged. Peer assessed homework was fine but again this needed to be acknowledged by the teacher not only for the work that the child completed in the first place but also for the comments of the peer marker.

There was also discussion around the purpose of the homework- all agreed that it should be for consolidation and practice not to learn something new. In some cases one parent was having to refer to “you tube” to understand a joined up handwriting homework. Parents were reminded of the homework button on the website and the calculation policy that could be found there with examples of how to complete certain maths calculations.

The parents liked the idea of at the beginning of the year the class teachers in their housekeeping meetings setting aside some after school sessions to support their parents about some of the methods that the children would be using regarding maths which they might bring home.

It was also mentioned that the children’s timetable could be shared so that parents knew what subject areas their children would be following especially in the afternoons when the maths and English would be completed.

Parents all agreed that they liked the idea of the non negotiable homework and the opportunity to complete more on a “dip and do” basis from the website.

Progress was also an area that was not responded to so positively in the survey. Parents felt that because of the removal of levels just hearing that your child was “ at expected” didn’t really tell them very much especially if their child was still “at expected” by the end of the year- it looked like there was no progress. Staff supported them in this, being fully understanding of the issues. It was explained that parents would be issued with progress “steps” at various times throughout the year using our new tracking system other than just at parent evenings which should show a more specific idea of progress. Looking through children’s books was also acknowledged as a means of seeing progress.

The bullying question was not well responded to either in the survey with just under 25% of parents responding that they didn’t know if the school dealt effectively with bullying. The forum said that they had no issue with bullying in the school but felt that perhaps parents didn’t know because they had no reason to go to the school to enquire as their child was not being bullied. It was felt that perhaps the anti bullying policy could be emailed to parents directly at the beginning of each year so that parents had no excuse to say that they didn’t know.

Some discussion then took place regarding the behaviour of other children from neighbouring schools around our school gates and the 11+. When would parents find out about arrangements? It was communicated that there would be a meeting for heads on the application process for the 11+ soon after half term, the booklets would be handed out to Y5 parents in early June and the school will make the I Zone available for parents to use the computers to apply along with any help they may need. The 11+ in 2017 will be taken in the school not on a Saturday but during the mornings of 19th and 20th September. More details would follow nearer the time.

The meeting ended at 10am.


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