Parent’s Forum Meeting – 20th March 2018

In attendance: Mrs Sexton, Mrs Collins, Mrs Greatorex, Catherine Aneto, Bukola Oluwayrooi, Rebecca Viney, Anna Glinska, Joanna Danko, Bushra Slalvi, Victoria Arthur

Mrs Greatorex read through the minutes of the previous meeting from October 2017. After reading these notes, we discussed the improvements in the school environment and with homework. Parents were very happy with the playground and how it enriched their children’s play experiences. In regards to homework, parents felt that there had been a big improvement and were mostly happy with the impact this had had on their children’s education. Most parents felt that the non-negotiable were now more of a focus and gave them a better insight into what their children knew/ didn’t know. The ‘Dip and Dos’ were also well received as most parents felt that the children had more choice in the activities and that these activities were more manageable for the children to independently access, compared to previous attempts where parents felt like they were doing the homework.

Suggestions that arose from this conversation are as follows:

  • Perhaps teachers could give examples of expectations i.e. if asked to write a sentence using
    commas, give an example of this in the box
  • There were some inconsistencies in how the Dip and Dos were presented- although on the
    website, most classes have a homework book with homework stuck in (this will be
    addressed with staff)
  • As handwriting has become a focus, could parents be signposted to the scheme of work or
    have examples sent home.
  • Not all parents were happy with the marking of homework, the majority were but some still
    felt that this could be improved on.

Following on from this we then looked at the parent questionnaire, which will be given at the parent’s meetings. The parents were asked to answer the questions and perhaps contribute any ideas on further improvements to ensure full and honest parent responses. The parents were very happy with the questionnaire but contributed the following to be addressed.

  • Parents felt that the question about homework should be reworded in order to get clearer
    feedback i.e. not agree/disagree, rather how do you feel…
  • That the last question involving parent volunteers should be more specific- available days
    and specific areas of strength/ talents. We could also include things we are looking for,
    readers, artists, an interest in science/ PE etc.

Next meeting will be held in June TBC


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