Parent Forum Meeting – 12th October 2017

In attendance:
Miss Begum, Mr and Mrs Steele, Miss Morris, Mrs Pond, Mrs Agbozo, Mrs Olowere, Mrs Odaisi. Mr Viney, Mrs Collins, Mrs Greatorex, Mrs Sexton

Mrs Greatorex our new chair of governors introduced herself

Parents were asked to complete a questionnaire about bullying in readiness for anti-bullying week which the school will be taking part in in November.
Mrs Sexton thanked everyone for coming and asked if the children had settled in ok. Most said that yes their child had settled well and was happy to come back to school after the holidays and now seemed to know their new teacher and their new routines. There was some discussion re the amount of work being covered in one of the junior classes but on the whole it was felt that the work that the children were doing in class was fine.

The changes to the playground, the outdoor classroom, the skipping, the creation of prefects were all discussed as positive changes to the school since September.

The new routine for homework was discussed with the non negotiables ie spelling, tables, reading being done and then the children can choose to complete the Dip and Dos on the class page on the school website. Although the school had noticed a marked improvement in regard to children reading more at home and learning their tables and spellings better with better test results at the end of the week, not all parents were happy with the somewhat “relaxed” attitude to homework. Some parents wanted more. It was explained that if parents did want more they should encourage their child to complete the Dip and Dos first and then perhaps ask the teacher for additional homework if they felt that was necessary. Some parents asked about not knowing how to help their children at home with their homework in case they were teaching their child the wrong methods. Parents were reminded of the “open mornings” that were taking place as this would be an excellent opportunity to see how we teach the basics to children. This term we are concentrating on reading. After Christmas it will be maths etc. This was received very positively by the parents.

Having an interactive game that the children could play being available on the website was also discussed. The children have access to “My Maths” and “sumdog”. It was also suggested that if parents read the Friday weekly updates outlining what work the children would be covering the following week, then if they google a topic such as “ fractions” lots of games and activities will come up to give your child a head start.

The meeting finished at 9:05 am to allow those parents of children in Y6 to attend the assembly.

Next meeting: date to be confirmed.

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