Football Fixtures for the Season 2017/2018


Date VS Kick off Ground
Thursday 8th March KingsFisher 3.45pm KingsFisher School
Wednesday 14th March Luton 3.45pm Greencre School
Wk beginning 19th March Cup game draw and date yet to be announced
Wednesday 21st March Napier 4pm Napier School
Monday 26th March St Thomas Moore 3.45pm St Thomas Moore School
Wednesday 18th April St Marys 4pm Greenacre
Thursday 26th April Wayfield 4pm Greenacre
Wk beginning 30th April Semi finals of district cup date/teams to be announced
Tuesday 1st May Warren Wood 3.45pm Warren Wood School
Week beginning 7th May District Cup Final week
Thusday 10th May St Benedicts 3.45pm St Benedicts School
Week beginning 14th May Week off or play any outstanding games
Wednesday 23rd May Twydall 4pm Twydall School

We encourage parents to come along as much as possible and support the school in these games. We have a squad of thirteen players, Players will be selected the week before a game a will verbally come home and inform you. Please do let us know if you are able to take your child or other players to or from the match as transport can be a problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this is school football, we are very competitive and want to win our matches however we also encourage fair play and enjoyment. As a school we are responsible for the behaviour of players, coaches and spectators anything less than good behaviour can risk the school being deducted two points.

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