British Science Week 2018

It’s finally here! The most exciting week in the Science calendar – British Science Week. The theme this year is ‘Exploration and Discovery’, and at St. Michael’s we will be learning about famous inventors, explorers and scientists. There will be lots happening in each year group, as well as across the school. Parents and carers are invited to their children’s classes after school on Friday 16th March to view all of the exciting work we will have done.

This week is a great opportunity for you to do some science at home. Below are a few ideas, but just like a true inventor, follow your instincts and do any science-related activity you like! Please bring any work you have done into school, where I will take photographs for the school website and award certificates and house points.

  • INVENT! Think of a problem around your house, school or community. It could be a housework problem, something to do with traffic, shops…it could be a problem for babies, children or the elderly. Invent a solution to the problem. Draw a labelled diagram of your invention and describe how it solves the problem.
  • DISCOVER! Choose a topic you are interested in, for example rockets, cars, aviation, computers, technology… Research famous inventions or theories and document your discoveries in any way you like. You could build a model or make a presentation.
  • EXPLORE! Brainstorm a part of science you have always been interested in, like plants, animals, light, sound… Draw a mind map or diagram that shows you have been exploring this area of science around your home and community. What can you learn from looking SAFELY at the world around you?

I am looking forward to seeing and awarding all of your work! Have a great Science Week!

Miss Ahern

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