20th November 2020 Newsletter

Dear all,

This is national “anti-bullying week” and the children have been carrying out various activities to bring the whole aspect of bullying to the forefront of our thoughts– how to keep safe, what to do if we witness or are on the receiving end of bullying and what bullying actually is and how serious it is. Thank you to all the children who came to school in their odd socks on Monday as part of the activities, reminding us that we are all different and our difference is to be celebrated. The children have reviewed our anti-bullying policy which will be replaced on our website once finalised and each class has appointed their new Anti-Bullying champions (please see overleaf).

As you may know we have had to close year 2 due to a positive case of Covid. Nearly every school has been affected with the current Covid virus situation with children being sent home, bubbles closing or staff and family isolating. It seems even more prevalent now than it ever did in the full first lock down in the spring and a normal Christmas is looking very unlikely. Parents and carers have been great remembering to wear masks, not coming into school un necessarily and informing us if their child is presenting with Covid-like symptoms so that a test can be arranged. It is really important that we maintain social distancing whilst at the school fence. I know its only natural to watch your child walk into school and wave to them, especially our very little ones. But some parents are lingering at the bottom gate which is making social distancing tricky. Of course we want to chat to our friends who are also parents of children at the school but we are in lock down. We shouldn’t be socialising with more than one person outside our household even in the open air. Standing in  a huddle having a chat without a mask on is normal behaviour, but we are not in normal times and have to follow the rules. Sleepovers as well, certainly during the present lockdown is also a big no no! I know it sounds really strict and boring but we have to protect ourselves and all those in our school community if we are to keep open and try to carry on as best as we can.

Have a lovely and safe weekend      

Mrs Katharine Sexton


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