7th June 2019 Newsletter

Dear All,

I trust everyone had  a lovely half term. This is our final term of the year (where has this academic year gone to?), and as such it tends to be quite busy with various events so please do check on the dates in this newsletter and open Parentpay e-mails as they come with event reminders.

Sunday 16th June is Fathers Day. I am aware that the concept of Fathers Day and celebrating this in school can be tricky for some but parents have mentioned to me that as we have had events for mums can we not do something for dads as well? Therefore we have decided to have a little session next Thursday 13th June at 2:30pm for any dads, uncles, big brothers, Grandpas or any significant male role model in a child’s life to come in and share a book with their child. We are trying to role model reading for pleasure especially amongst our boys and what better way to do this than by having our young boys and indeed girls seeing the male in their life that they respect reading with them as an example. We will open the playground to make parking easier and once the session is over the children are free to go home with their responsible adult. We have never done this before so hopefully our attempt at not letting Fathers Day go unmarked will be a good one.

We have had “Living Eggs” deliver their little brood of eggs waiting to be hatched into little bundles of yellow pink fluff. We have been recording their development on twitter and so far at time of writing we have 6 little chicks who has bravely made their way into the world. There are lots of various activities that the children through out the school can undertake in the curriculum linked with this so we look forward to seeing some really exciting work

This Sunday is the first of 3 weeks with our children making their First Holy Communion– please do keep them in your prayers

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sexton

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