6th July 2018 Newsletter

My goodness me what an amazing week we have had at St Michael’s!

All those fantastic summer trips that we have been planning and raising money for through our entrepreneurial activities have now nearly all come to fruition. Year 1 had a wonderful time at Legoland on Monday and Years 5 and 6 went up to London to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre on Wednesday, a great afternoons entertainment and a chance to see the professional performance of the production that year 6 will be performing next week, though I’m sure our Lion King will be just as good if not better. This morning the children in Year 4 set off to Shrek World and the Rain forest café again in London. School is not all about education in the classroom but about memorable experiences that last a lifetime and I think its true to say that this year has provided many happy memories for our children. I’m so grateful not only to the staff for organising but for the parents who helped out on these trips; they are fun but jolly hard work as I think any parents who queued in the heat with 60 children at Legoland would agree but we are all so thankful.

I am also thrilled about how well the sports day went off on Tuesday. Last year we were rained off twice and postponed twice! But not this time– glorious weather, not too hot but pleasant and warm with a refreshing breeze. We were prepared though with extra water, sun cream and gazebos to provide shelter when required. The children were super, we had great fun even managing to slip in a mums, dads, toddlers and teachers race– blow health and safety! The overall winning house was St Lucy with  838 points, St Therese was 2nd, St Bernadette 3rd and St Joan 4th. Again amazing work by the whole school community and a big thank you to St John Fisher lower school who let us use their field.

Please do check on dates for the remainder of the term: this year as well as a leavers assembly on the last day ie 19th July for year 6 we will be having a leavers barbeque now that we have the use of the church field. A letter has gone home today via parentpay to all parents and carers of year 6 but we hope this will also be a resounding success and a tradition we can keep.

I can’t believe we are still having this fabulous weather, lets hope that doesn’t mean a wet August!!!     

Mrs K Sexton

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