29th June 2018 Newsletter

Hello all,

First of all let me start by thanking everyone so much for attending our school fair last Friday. It was packed! I am really grateful to those parents who cooked and set up a stall selling their cultural food. It was really kind and really lent to the atmosphere. I am also very grateful to all the staff and their families who came along and manned stalls, cooked the food and tended to the barbeque, face painted, volunteered to go into the stocks, baked cakes etc. A special thank you must be extended to Miss Cook who co ordinated the whole event– she really is a star! After expenses we raised £700.01—not bad for 2 hours work, mind you it took a lot longer to organise behind the scenes. We’ve already spent some of the money, it will be used to purchase mobile gazebos to protect the children from the sun for when we have our outdoor activities.

Talking of outdoor activities our sports day will be on Tuesday 3rd July at St John Fisher School  lower site on their  field. Details have already been sent out in a separate letter. Infants in the morning, shared picnic lunch, juniors in the afternoon– it promises to be a real fun event, hopefully the weather will hold but slightly lower temperatures would be great!

Along side this newsletter is a short form for parents and carers to complete regarding input towards our School Improvement Plan for the 2018/19 academic year. We would love to hear your ideas and have your input into future plans for the school. Please complete them and bring them into school as soon as possible

We are also sending home today our handy little wallet sized cards with our term dates for 2018/19 year. They have been on our website for some time now but its handy to have them tucked away in a purse or wallet for easy reference.

Our year 6 children are due to return from their PGL trip in Suffolk today. Judging from the photos sent over and put on twitter (which can also be seen at the bottom of the Home page of our website) they all seem to have had a super time. I am sure you will join me in thanking Miss King, Miss Smart and Miss Cook for giving up their week to look after the children.

As I write this we have Contract Dining, our catering company doing some fruit and vegetable tasting with the children, some are making smoothies whilst cycling on an exercise bike– taking multi tasking to another level!! This is all part of encouraging our children to make healthy food choices. Thank you for your continued support with this.

Have a good weekend, enjoy the weather      Mrs K Sexton

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