11th May 2018 Newsletter

Hello all,

I’ve just come back from a lovely Ascension Day mass celebrated by Fr Baker for the whole school– a time when we remember the day that Jesus rose to heaven, met His reward and is seated at the right hand of his Father.– Well done everyone

We are now entering the exam season for many of us, this includes our children in year 2 and Year 6. The children in year 2 will soon be taking part in their Key Stage 1 SATs assessments however these are very understated and are done in appropriate circumstances for the age of the children. The results of these tests will guide the teachers into rewarding each child with an overall standard for reading, writing and maths. Next week from Monday 14th May our Y6 children will be participating in their Key Stage 2 SATS. These are much more formal than the Key Stage 1 ones. The children will sit them in exam conditions and how they perform in each test will be the final standard that is rewarded. The children have practised these tests so they should be well prepared. I know that all the Year 6 team have worked hard to cover all that is required. For SATs week breakfast club will be free to all children in Y6 so that they have all had the opportunity to have a nutritious meal first thing. Please keep our children in your prayers for the coming week.

We are due to have a couple more themed weeks before the end of the year. The first one is “All Faiths Week” when we will be celebrating the different religions and faith traditions in our school. This will be the week beginning 21st May and will finish on Friday 25th May with the children being able to come into school in the traditional clothing or colours of their origin. Parents are invited to make food from their countries of origin in which both children and adults alike will have the opportunity to taste. There will be music, food, drinks and an opportunity to share all the amazing countries represented at St Michael’s.

We will also be having a History/Geography week on the first week back of term 6. On that Friday ie 8th June if the children wish, they can come to school dressed as a figure from the British tradition ie the Queen, a Spice Girl or as a person associated with the UK.

Although we have lots of hard work to do this term, we will be doing some really exciting and fun activities as well.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Kathy Sexton

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