10th May 2019 Newsletter

Dear All,

We have had a great week with the children doing some lovely exciting activities in class and in the Forest School despite the rain!

We had our “Come and See…” parent sessions this week in some classes with the topic being maths. We are really grateful to those parents and carers who do come along. The remaining classes will be the week after next, dates are on the reverse of this newsletter.

We had a beautiful mass on Wednesday with the children in our infant school “crowning Our Lady” as it is May the month of Mary.

Next week is a big week for us and in fact all primary schools in the country as it is key stage 2 SATS week for our children in Y6. Breakfast club will be open to all year 6 children from Monday to Thursday and is absolutely free for all of our children taking the tests, as a good start and a good breakfast is really important.

The children have worked so hard, as have the Y6 staff team. I know that the children will do the best they can to demonstrate their learning but of course there is more to being 11 than tests so I would urge all of our Y6 children to have a lovely rest over the weekend, do something fun, preferably in the great outdoors. Each and every one of our year 6 children are brilliant and no matter what– we are all really proud of them. You never know there might be a little treat for them on Friday to reward them for all their efforts. Watch this space…

And finally thank you to those parents of children in Y5 and Y6 who popped along to see and hear about our new Journey in Love materials– these resources are now on our website under the “Catholic life” tab

Have a lovely weekend  

Mrs K Sexton


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