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Welcome to the Year 6 page for terms 3 and 4. We have a lot of new and exciting things to learn during the next two terms. Have a look through our class page to see what we will be getting up to!

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We are beginning a new novel that we will be using over the next two terms in English, The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden and Christina Balit. This exciting adventure story (based on Homer’s Odyssey) depicts the journey of Odysseus, following the Battle of Troy. Odysseus encounters many obstacles along the way! Using this story as our inspiration, we will be focussing on narrative writing. The basis of our narrative writing will be description, where we will be using writing features such as figurative language, alliteration, similes, metaphors and personification. Using this as our starting point, we will write a Dream Sequence, a diary entry of a Cyclops and narrative stories based on Odysseus’ dilemmas!

The features we will include are:

  • Character and setting description
  • Integrating dialogue into narrative
  • Using passive voice and modal verbs
  • Using conjunctions, adverbials and repetition to create cohesion
  • Controlling levels of formality
  • Including complex punctuation: semi-colons, colons, hyphens and dashes.



We are moving on from Number and Calculation over the next terms. We will be using the skills we have already learned and applying them to word problems with increasing difficulty and a greater number of steps. Beyond reasoning, which occurs every week, we will also be learning about:

  • Percentages
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Algebra
  • Shape
  • Measure
  • Conversions

Using our number and calculations skills, as well as all of the topics covered above, we will continue to solve reasoning problems. We will scrutinise the language used and what hints there are as to which operations and what steps we should be using to solve the problem.




Our topic this term is ‘Exploring the Mass’. We will be looking at Jesus as the bread of life and what this means for us. We will discuss the part we play in our Covenant with Jesus and reflect on it. Some of things we will discover more about in relation to the Mass are the Penitential Act, Liturgy of the Word, Offertory, Consecration and Holy Communion. As always, we will reflect on scripture and engage in meaningful discussion to learn more about our Faith.



To understand the origins of classification of living things and the scientists involved.

To understand how micro-organisms can be divided into groups, according to common observable characteristics.

To understand how plants can be divided into groups, according to common observable characteristics.

To understand how vertebrates can be divided into groups, according to common observable characteristics.

To understand how invertebrates can be divided into groups, according to common observable characteristics.

To use and devise classification keys for living things, giving reasons why animals and plants belong in particular groups.


Our History topic this term is Ancient Greece, which links nicely with our Class Novel ‘The adventures of Odysseus’. We will use our history lessons to find about more about the setting of our story. Some of the main areas of Ancient Greece we will learn about are Gods and Goddesses, the Olympics, Alexander the Great and more!


In Geography, we will be looking at erosion and weathering, changing boundaries, coastlines and landscapes in our topic ‘Our changing world’.


In Physical Education, we will again be linking with our class novel and using our bodies to recreate Odysseus’ journey through dance. Each aspect of the journey is very different and presents it’s own challenges, which will lend itself to some interesting interpretation!



Children will be expected to read nightly, and learn their weekly spellings and times tables. In addition to this, as we approach SAT’s, we will have some topic-specific maths and comprehension homework to reinforce what has been learned in class. Comprehension and maths homework will be given out on Friday to be completed and in school the following Friday, giving children a full week.

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