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Welcome to the Year 6 page for terms 1 and 2. We have a lot of new and exciting things to learn during the next two terms. Have a look through our class page to see what we will be getting up to!

Also, please note that there is now a new homework section called ‘Dip and Do’ under the homework tab on this page. Enjoy!

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Our focus book for this term is Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. This book will work as a stimulus for many writing and reading activities.

– Firstly, we are focusing on the setting of the novel, and the children will write reports on the Amazon Rainforest. Children will use features such as headings, subheadings, parenthesis and technical vocabulary.

– Once we have become more familiar with the characters, we will write a diary entry from the protagonist’s point of view, writing in the first person and including a recount of events from the book with descriptions, feelings and thoughts.

– As we enter the climax of our novel, a conflict will arise. Children will be given the opportunity to write persuasively, convincing a character to make a certain decision. Features that will be included are using evidence to support points, using cohesion to create links between arguments and use of persuasive and emotive language.

– With the action winding up, the children will next write a formal letter from an authority to a central character in the story. This letter will include complex sentences, formal conjunctions, conclusive statements and a summary, as well as following the structure of any formal written letter.

– At times throughout our adventure through this book, children will be given many opportunities to write descriptions and narratives of the action throughout the story. These pieces will create atmosphere, include dialogue, and make use of the ambitious verbs and adjectives we will come across when reading.

Along with Writing, children will be looking at features of spelling, punctuation and grammar. These will be applied in their writing as key features to a successful piece.


Term 1 will involve the fine-tuning of the children’s number and arithmetic skills.

– Working with numbers of up to 10,000,000 children will be comparing, ordering and rounding these numbers, as well as making estimates to help them in working with such large values. Having worked solely with positive numbers, these same concepts will then be applied to negative numbers.

– The four operations will continue to be developed, and children will follow formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

– Patterns within numbers will be studies, including prime numbers, factors and common multiples. Children will also learn to calculate and identify squared and cubed numbers.

– Using their sound knowledge of all four operations, children will then work with number sentences containing more than one operation, and think about the order of importance when it comes to working with more than one operation.


In term 1, we will be looking at The Kingdom of God and reflecting on what it means for us. We will learn about responding to God’s call and how our entry to the Kingdom is based on our deeds and not our words.

In term 2, we will learn about Justice and how God calls us to speak out against injustice. We will discover more about people who have spoken out against injustice and been persecuted. In the lead up to Christmas, we will look back at the story and meaning of Advent.

Our Geography topic this term is ‘Rainforests’. Over the course of the term we will be learning all about how the Earth is divided into different hemispheres and tropics. We will learn about vegetation belts and biomes as well as different climates and deforestation. Our focus Rainforest will be the Amazon, as it links with our class novel -Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson.

In term 2, we will begin our history topic of ‘The Tudors‘. We will explore life under the rule of Henry V111 and the differences between rich and poor. We will look at housing, clothing and food and compare our lives to the lives of the Tudors.


In Science, we will learn about Light. We will begin by describing how we see and learning how light travels in straight lines. After that we will investigate reflection, refraction and the colour spectrum using the work of Sir Isaac Newton.

In term 2, we will learn about Electricity. We will be creating circuits, learning about voltage, studying variations in components and creating electricity in different ways, i.e Would a piece of fruit be a sufficient conductor of electricity?

In Physical Education, we will be starting off with Athletics-improving our skills such as sprinting and throwing. Will will then move on to competitive games such as basketball where we will get the chance to use our new and improved techniques.



Children will be expected to read nightly, and learn their weekly spellings and times tables. In addition to this, feel free to take an extra activity from the ‘Dip and do’ section on this page.

‘Dip and Do’

Choose from any of the following activities:

  • Create a model or sketch of any a living thing from the Amazon rainforest. You can explore your living thing in more depth by also drawing a detailed labelled diagram of it’s features.
  • Research Sir Isaac Newton and write a short summary of his achievements?
  • Prepare  a ‘revision how-to booklet’ that includes the methods and mathematical rules you learned in year 5 and so far in year 6.
  • Use your SPaG skills (such as expanded noun phrases, parentheses, relative clauses, semi-colons, modal verbs etc) to create a fact file of a person belonging to an indigenous Amazon tribe.
  • Write a letter to God that thanks him for his invitation to the Kingdom. Explain to him how you are going to live your life for him in response to the invitation. Outline some of the glorious things you are going to do to show him you love him and are thankful.

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