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SATS are on their way!

Please have a look at the following presentation that was made on preparing your child for their tests:

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Over Term 5, we will be preparing the children to sit their papers. We will be revisiting and revising topics previously covered, as well as looking at test-taking skills to ensure we are all ready to do our best! Term 6 will then be an exciting term of transition to secondary school, as well as lots of exciting trips and our Year 6 Production!

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We will be continuing with our exploration of the novel The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden and Christina Balit. Throughout the next few chapters, we will be meeting long lost relatives in the land of the dead, escaping spheres and becoming shipwrecked on our perilous journey back to Ithaca. We will be using the story as a stimulus for our writing as we take on the role of various characters and experience different situations. As we near the final terms, we are b eginning to fine tune our writing. This means that we try to include ALL the features of an expected writer within our pieces. Some key features to remember are modal verbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility, expanded nouns phrases, dialogue, adverbials, subordinate and relative clauses, parenthesis (using brackets, dashes and commas), commas for clarity, cohesive devices (such as repetitions, pronouns and conjunctions), prepositional phrases, cursive handwriting and year 5/6 spelling words.

We will continue to focus on narrative for Terms 5 and 6, to ensure our skills are sharp and we are confident in our writing.


As we approach SAT’s our focus is on fine tuning our arithmetic skills using mental calculation and revision of key skills. Practice is key in arithmetic, which is why we will focus mostly on the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division-long division in particular), fractions (adding, subtracting, ordering, dividing, multiplying, mixed numbers), percentages, decimals, time and conversions.

In reasoning, we will focus on applying our skills to different contexts, using formulae to compare area, perimeter and volume of various shapes, long division and long multiplication in word problems, differences between times/timetables, scaling, fractions and percentages of amounts, finding missing angles and measurements, justifying (I know this because…), translation, rotation and reflection of 2D shape and problems involving interpreting data.


In Religion, we will be looking at the central importance of Jesus the Messiah. Our topic will being with the deep question: Is Jesus truly God? Throughout this topic, we aim to answer this question, showing the role of Jesus as our Saviour and Messiah. We will answer this question through the events leading up to Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins when he was crucified. Reflecting on its meaning for our own faith, we will examine these events, the thoughts and feelings of Jesus and his disciples, as well as how they are remembered and celebrated by believers today.

After the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, we will look at how the world has changes since his impact upon us. We will look at the sending of The Holy Spirit, as well as the first church, Paul the Apostle, and Early Christianity.

We will then learn about how we are Called to Serve, acting as disciples for our Lord, fulfilling the Sacraments, showing the Kingdom Values and responding to God’s call by serving him, being an example to others and spreading the Good News.


We will continue our work on Living Things and their Habitats, delving more deeply into the Kingdoms of Living Things and how they are characterised and grouped according to their traits. We have already discovered species we didn’t know existed!

Once completed, we will then move on to Electricity! We will be buzzing around the classroom, carrying out investigations to discover the effects of voltage. Understanding the various components of a circuit, we will learn their symbols and roles in creating electricity and powering the everyday things we use in our lives.


We will continue to use Ancient Greece for our History topic, as it has provided us with excellent stimulus with its links to our Power of Reading novel, The Adventures of Odysseus. We will be using the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses as inspiration for writing in History, as well as discovering more about daily life in Ancient Greece and their contributions that still affect how we live our modern lives.


We will focus on our Locational Knowledge in Geography, locating the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe and North and South
America. As well as learning their locations, we will be concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities. In other words, we will be taking a world tour!



In Physical Education, we will be learning the tactics and skills involved in Tag Rugby!  Exploring the skills of throwing and catching, we will use these skills along with tackling and defending to partake in team games. We will focus on our strength, speed and stamina and discuss how these contribute to effective playing.


The policy on homework remains the same, however we would ask that children partake in some revision work where possible. Children will be expected to read nightly, and learn their weekly spellings and times tables.

Reading:  Along with nightly reading practice and signing of Learning Journals, children will receive Reading Comprehensions to be completed. These will contain similar-style questions to SATS papers, which will include fact retrieval, inference and word meaning questions.

Maths: Arithmetic and reasoning papers/ test-style questions based on class learning.

Spelling: Children will be given a spelling list every FRIDAY and tested the following FRIDAY.

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