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Welcome to Year 5! We have many interesting things planned for the next few months.

As always in year 5 we will be looking forward to approaching our challenges with resilience and enjoyment and we are excited to discover all of the amazing things that lie ahead!



Term 1: Way Home by Libby Hathorne

Shane is a boy who lives alone on the streets. We don’t realise this until the end of the book, when he takes the cat he has found back home with him to a shelter filled with his possessions, to be his friend. Shane’s fast paced story is told to the cat. The illustrations in this picture book are very evocative, full of symbols and meanings that add to what we learn about Shane and his life.

During this text, the children will:

-empathise with a character, explore possible reasons for his actions, and consider decisions he might make

-explore narrative plot, settings, and characters and draw inferences to aid understanding

-write a narrative based on fictional experiences

-Write recounts from a character’s point of view


Term 2: The Princess’ Blanket by Carol Ann Duffy 

A princess can never be warm and one day a stranger ‘with hard, grey eyes like polished stones’ arrives at the palace declaring that he can cure her malady. However, his solutions threaten the ocean, the forest, the mountain and the very earth itself and people’s way of life along with it. It is only when the princess finds true love with a kind and gentle musician that her heart and body can be unfrozen and warm tears flow. Carol Ann Duffy’s poetic language makes this environmental fairy tale sing while Catherine Hyde’s tactile paintings evoke the colours and textures of the natural environment.

During this text, the children will:

  • -have the opportunity to further their descriptive skills in writing.
  • -take on the role of a character and describe that character’s feelings and thoughts.
  • -work as journalists to gather and summarise key information for interviews.
  • -be given opportunities to relate further to a character through the writing of diary entries.




Term 1: United Kingdom

In this Unit, children find out about the different areas in the United Kingdom. They will explore the countries, counties, towns, mountains, rivers and famous monuments which make up the UK. 

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Term 2: Magnificent Mountains

In this Unit, children find out about the major mountains of the world and the UK. They will find out the different ways in which mountains have been formed, and how different features of mountain ranges have been shaped over time.





Term 1: number and place value

In term 1, we will be focusing on the place value of numbers beyond one thousand and up to one million.  We will be looking at the value of individual digits within a number, ordering and comparing, using great than, less than and equal to symbols. We will also be rounding to the nearest 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10 000s. We will then be counting back through negative numbers and reviewing roman numerals before moving on to addition and subtraction in term two.

We will have a focus on real-life Maths and ensure that we can confidently use Maths in the real world.

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Term 2: The four operations 

In term 2, we will be focusing on the four basic operations, which include: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We start by adding and subtracting whole number and then we will move on to adding and subtracting decimals through our real life focus of money.

In multiplication we will be slowly moving up to multiplying four digit by two digit numbers. and in division we will be looking at dividing up to four digit numbers by one digit numbers using the ‘bus stop’ method.

As well as this, we will be looking at key vocabulary  such as:

  • -primer factors
  • -factors
  • -prime numbers
  • -squared numbers
  • -cubed numbers

All this will lead us to being able to solve word problems set within real life contexts.


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Term 1: Creation

In term 1, we will be looking at how God created the world. We will begin to compare scientific truths with theological truths and understand the true meaning behind the creation story.

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Term 2: God’s Covenants 

In this topic we will learn all about God’s Covenant with Moses and the Israelites. We will reflect on our part in the New Covenant.


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Term 1: Properties and changes of materials. 

During this topic, we will be looking at the different properties of materials. We will look at how their properties can affect the ways in which they are used.

We will be  linking this to our Power of Reading  books by creating a suitable shelter for Shane.

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Term 2: Forces 

During this topic, we will:

  • Explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object
  • Identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces
  • Recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.



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