Year 2

Information for parents/carers: 2016 national curriculum test results at the end of key stage 1

Year 2 will have taken the national curriculum tests, also known as SATs, in May. Your child’s teacher will use the results of these tests to help them judge how well they are progressing, but they won’t be using the test results alone. Find out more now.

Welcome to Year Two’s Homepage

The staff and pupils of Year 2 would like to welcome you to our page. We hope you find it useful and enjoy browsing through the different school pages to learn about the different events which take place in our school.

St Matthew

Miss Ryan (Teacher)

Miss Randel (Teaching Assistant)

St Simon

Miss Harding (Teacher)

Miss Martina (Teaching Assistant)

We have a very busy term this term!  We will be preparing for the year 2 SATs, enjoying walks in our local area, celebrating other Faiths week, continuing to build on our savings for our inflatable fun day- eyes down ready for the BINGO! We will be finishing our term with a celebration by enjoying different foods, clothing and traditions from different cultures around the world.  If you are able to bring in any food for this whole school party please see your class teacher or Mrs Collins.

We also welcome Miss Walkiden in to Miss Ryan’s class this term, she will be working with Miss Ryan teaching the class.


In term 5 we will be looking at narrative writing (story writing), our focus book for this term is The Dark, please see Miss Ryan’s window for information on this book and ideas for work you can do around this book at home.  We will continue to develop our knowledge of punctuation and grammar by looking at different sentences- commands, exclamations, questions and statements, we will also be looking at word types, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and words with contracted forms i.e can not becoming can’t and the use of apostrophes for possession i.e Jack’s bag is blue.

As always spelling is a key focus area , as well as the common exception words (which we will send home again in your child journal) children are expected to spell most words correctly with the phonemes and graphemes already taught (phonics sounds), please do support your child by helping them to correct any misspelt words in written work at home and learning the spellings each week.


Term 5 will continue to look at number and focus on applying our knowledge of this into different word problems.  We will be looking at ways that number can be presented and how to use the knowledge of number facts to solve problems.  Children will be continuing to develop and apply their skills within mathematics i.e finding a fraction of a number, using greater and less than signs, solving word problems with measure and time.

We will also revisit shape and space where children will explain their knowledge and understanding of 2d and 3d shapes, they will explore and investigate shapes within the environment and the properties of these shapes.


We will be learning about ‘Magical Maps’ and how we use maps, create maps and where we see maps.  Please help your child by looking at different road signs, street maps and maps on leaflets, please feel to bring in any leaflets with maps on so we can add them to our real life writing boxes.



As always reading will continue to be an area we will be focusing on, please ensure you are reading with your child nightly, if you are reading books away from the home reader book please do log this in your child’s journal.

Please note: we have noticed that some children are taking books above their comprehension level.  Home reading books are based on a system that tests children on their knowledge and understanding of the books they have read.  It is really important that children are sticking to their level of comprehension so that we can build on this. Your child’s reading book level has been placed in their journals, this is tested termly.

In Physical Education, we will:

  • learn about the importance of exercise
  • understand that exercise has an effect on our body and level of fitness
  • develop coordination and balancing skills through games and dance activities

In Science, our topic is  Plants we will,

investigate the different conditions plants need to germinate,

look at plant in our local area,

identify trees through their leaves.


Accelerated Reader

This year we will be using the accelerated reader programme, children will read the book selected for them at the appropriate level once they have read their book they will complete a short comprehension quiz on the story. In order to get a new book and progress within the reading stages children must show a good level of comprehension of the book read to pass the quiz.  Reading is not only decoding words it is also showing an understanding of what has been read.

Important dates

  1. 26.4.18- Parent work shop based on writing with your child.
  2. 2.5.18 – Parent information session for SATS in YR2
  3. 21/25.5.18 YR 2 SATs week
  4. 18.5.18 BINGO! We will be playing bingo to raise funds for our inflatable fun day. Put the date in your diary!
  5. 25.5.18- Cultural celebration afternoon.
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