Welcome to Reception!  We look forward to a busy and exciting year working with you and your child! On this page you will be able to find vital information about Reception and find out about how we learn and what we learn.

By the end of Reception we expect all students to be independent and responsible, making them ready for Year 1. It is essential that similar expectations are in place in their home life too. Reception children should be dressing themselves, be able to recognise their own names, put on, fasten and unfasten their own coats and be responsible for some of their own things such as water bottles, clothing and book bags.

Latest News

This term the children will be settling in to their new classes and being introduced to the class and daily routines. They will be: using their social skills to form and develop new friendships, being introduced to letters and the sounds that they make through our daily Read, Write Inc (RWI) sessions, counting verbally, counting objects and recognising numerals in their environment.

Our first housekeeping meeting is on Thursday 13th September 2018 at 12:30. Please come to the main school office and wait to be collected.

St. Andrew

Mrs Stanczyk

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Machin
Mrs Mereu

St. Jude

Miss Holmes

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rogozinska
Miss Williams

                       What Reception are up to in Term 1 & 2

Power of Reading/Topic
Term 1/2 we will be focusing on fiction text based on insects and mini-beast creatures. We will be reading the story’ The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

In Term 1 we will be learning about ‘God’s World’ .We will be talking about God’s creation. Next term our topic is ‘God’s Family’ we will be talking about our families and the importance of God’s love.


Literacy will be covered through following the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme in line with the rest of the school to assist their reading and writing skills. We will look in depth at a variety of books as we go along, so please do ask your child about the books they are reading in school. To start with we will be focusing on the story  ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.


In Maths we will be showing interest in numerals in the environment, recognising numerals and counting objects verbally. We will also select the correct numerals to represent the number of objects.

Keep your eyes on the Reception Homework page for activities and videos you can use to support your child at home.

RWI (Read, Write, Inc.)

In RWI lessons we will be learning new sounds to develop our reading and writing skills.

We will have a big focus to encourage children to recognise and write their own names.

Please ensure you  support your child at home with the RWI homework.


When your teacher uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.

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