Welcome to Reception!  We look forward to a busy and exciting year working with you and your child! On this page you will be able to find vital information about Reception and find out about how we learn and what we learn.

By the end of Reception we expect all students to be independent and responsible, making them ready for Year 1. It is essential that similar expectations are in place in their home life too. Reception children should be dressing themselves, be able to recognise their own names, put on, fasten and unfasten their own coats and be responsible for some of their own things such as water bottles, clothing and book bags.

Latest News

At the moment the children are settling into their new environment, learning how to care and respect for it. They are also be busy making new friends and learning new skills and techniques. It will be a very busy term!

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                       What Reception are up to in Term 1 …

Learning Journal Topic
This term we will be working with the children to find out about themselves and their families as the children settle into school life.

This term our RE topic is God’s World where the children will be finding out about Creation. All the children at St Michael’s have already contributed to a visually stunning Creation display which runs the whole length of the main school corridor!


Literacy will be covered through following the children’s interests and recorded in their Learning Journals. Ask your child which books we have been reading!


In Maths we will be using numbers to 10 and 20 – recognising, ordering and counting objects. We will also be looking at shapes and patterns, using construction materials and 2D and 3D shapes.

Keep your eyes on the Reception Homework page for activities and videos you can use to support your child at home.

RWI (Read, Write, Inc.)

In RWI we will begin to learn the sounds the letters of the alphabet make. This will lead to Fred Talk when we sound out and blend to make words.Eventually this will lead to reading and writing short words and then sentence work.

Please ensure you  support your child at home with the RWI homework.

Reception Housekeeping Letters

When your teacher uploads a housekeeping letter to the website it will appear in the list below.

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