About the Children's University

Kent Children’s University provides all children aged 5-14 years with the opportunity to take part in exciting and creative learning activities outside of the normal school day.  The activities can be before school, during play and lunchtimes, after school, at weekends and during the school holidays.
Every time you attend a Kent Children’s University activity, you earn Learning Credits.  1 hour of learning = 1 Learning Credits. When you achieve 30, 65, 100, 130, 165, 200+ Learning Credits, you can attend a Graduation Ceremony at a Kent University and receive your certificate in front of your friends and family.
The Children’s University believes that children can and do learn anywhere, when doing all sorts of activities, and that children learn best when they decide what they want to learn, when and where, and most importantly, have FUN whilst learning.

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To inquire about the Children’s University please contact the school office.

To find out more about the scheme visit the website.

Childrens University

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