18th May 2018 Newsletter

Dear all,

Can I begin by saying how totally proud I am of our year 6 children. They have had a gruelling week of SATS with a test every morning this week with some mornings two tests for the same subjects. They were mature, hard working, and sensible. I am sure they will reap the reward they deserve. They had ice cream yesterday and today are off to “Flip out” and “Burger King”. My thanks must also be extended to the whole Y6 team of teachers, the teaching assistants and those assistants and staff who supported with the children during the administration and invigilation procedures.
Next week we will be having “ All Faiths Week” when we will be celebrating and studying the different faith traditions that we have in our school and in todays society. We will be having trips to various places of worships including the Chatham Synagogue and the Mosque, we will also be taking part in various workshops including cultural dance. The whole week will finish on Friday 25th May with the children being given the opportunity to dress up in their traditional colours or costume. After school parents and the whole school community will be able to partake in some ethnic and traditional food prepared by the parents of our many different communities.
This promises to be a brilliant week of celebration, we are so lucky to have such a rich and varied school community here at St Michaels This Wednesday the whole school will be celebrating mass in honour of Our Lady. We will be Crowning Mary with flowers and as such would ask all the children in the infants in YR,1 and 2 to come to school on that day with some flowers to contribute to the procession in the church. The mass will be from 9:30am in St Michaels Church on Wednesday 23rd May, all are welcome.
We will be having our next Parent Forum on Thursday 21st June beginning from 8:30am. This will be the last one of these meetings for the academic year and all parents are very welcome to pop in and share their thoughts with the leadership of the school
Have a good weekend
Mrs Kathy Sexton
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