25th May 2018 Newsletter

Dear all,

What an amazingly busy week we have had but also such fun. This is our “ All Faiths” week. The children have experienced and learnt many aspects of faith around the world. They have participated in some dancing from the Hindu tradition thanks to the choreography of Miss Green, they have participated in Hindu and Buddhist workshops learning about their traditions, costume and culture. The children have also taken part in an assembly on Sikhism led by Miss Lakha. The children in the nursery have experienced the faith tradition of the Malankra Syrian Christianity led by Mrs Simons. The children have visited places of worship such as the Chatham Memorial Synagogue and the Mosque in Dale Street. The Mosque gave of their services for free for which we are very grateful!. Not forgetting our own Catholic Faith- the children went to mass on Wednesday and took part in a “ crowning of Our Lady” ceremony as this is the month of May.

As I write this I can hear the beautiful music from the “Bach to School” company who are playing the violin and cello for the children performing music from around the world. As well as the children coming to school dressed in their traditional costume or colours, there will be an amazing celebration of food from the cultures of our school around the world which will take place in our playground straight after school. A great thank you must be extended to our many parents who are cooking and catering for our school community. We have such a rich and varied cultural mix here at St Michael’s, we are one of the most multi cultural schools in Medway and for that we are very blessed. Well done to everyone and a special thank you to Mrs Collins who organised the whole week– it has been a resounding success.

When we return to school after the June Break we will be having our “ Geography and History week” which will end on Friday 8th June with the children being given the opportunity to dress up as a character or well known figure from British society which means we are celebrating all the cultures at our school including the culture where we all live. In this way we are fostering tolerance which is one of our “British Values”

The school will be closed next week for the half term break. Monday 4th June is a staff training day so all children would return to school on Tuesday 5th June.

Have a good rest    Mrs Kathy Sexton

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